Welcome to Sanitation Salvage Corp.

Sanitation Salvage Corp is one of New York’s leading rubbish removal and waste management providers. We offer 24/7 services to integrate seamlessly with your existing schedule. Our dedicated staff is always ready to handle all of your recycling and waste removal needs. Our fleet of specialized trucks proudly service NYC, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Westchester county. We have been making a positive impact on the environment for over 35 years. We have invested a huge amount of professional resources to develop the most up-to date and eco friendly recycling plans and programs for many of our clients.

Many of our residential clients want us to haul off debris and other unwanted items in the home after a remodeling project or a general clean up. In addition our commercial customers can utilize our services for any trash or waste removal pick up. Depending on the specific line of business that your company is in; We will customize the most cost effective waste and garbage removal solution for you.